The primary goal of Fundamental Motion® is to provide the highest quality of physical therapy care. In order to maintain the low patient volume required to provide a superior level of personalized attention, I do not participate with insurance plans. However, patients are often able to apply for a significant or full reimbursement from their insurance company.

Patients pay for treatment at the conclusion of each visit. You will be provided with an insurance claim form with the diagnosis and treatment codes that apply to your services. You submit this claim form to your insurance company directly. I encourage all patients to contact their insurance provider to inquire about their health care plan out-of-network coverage before our first visit.

Do you need a prescription?

No. The state of Maryland is a direct access state, meaning that you are not required to have a doctor’s prescription in order to receive physical therapy.

However, if you plan to apply for insurance reimbursement, your insurance company may require a prescription from your physician to support medical necessity for physical therapy treatment.


Regretfully, Fundamental Motion® does not have a relationship with Medicare at this time and – by law – cannot treat Medicare patients. This is the case even if you have a private secondary insurance provider. If you are covered by Medicare Part B, I encourage your to seek physical therapy from a provider who participates with Medicare.


Expertise in identifying how and why individual biomechanics go wrong, and how
to effectively restore proper movement to achieve your best possible recovery.

A Fundamentally
Different Approach

Training and insights that consider
your personal movement factors.



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The Entire Visit


Targeted Diagnosis,
Targeted Treatment

Not just the “standard protocol”
for the “standard patient”


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Pain-free living is not just doing some exercises at a clinic