I believe that your doctor of physical therapy should be with you every step of the way, from assessment to treatment strategy to implementation and training to full return to the life you want to live.

All visits at Fundamental Motion™ are one-on-one with a highly skilled and experienced doctor of physical therapy who personally directs your care every step of the way. You will not be sent off to walk on a treadmill while your therapist sees another patient for a while. You will not see a different therapist each time who does not know your personal concerns and your unique issues. You will not be passed off to a college-student aide or assistant to go through a standard exercise routine. It’s just you and your physical therapist – listening, learning, assessing, solving, and treating the entire session.

I believe treatment should not be outsourced.

I believe that truly effective physical therapy requires specialized knowledge and skill to understand and treat causes, not just symptoms, and that those causes usually lie in an individual’s unique biomechanics – the critical interactions that overburden or over-stress certain joints and tissues. This knowledge and skill is essential for a correct, targeted diagnosis, as well as for the design of an effective treatment strategy. It is also crucial for effective implementation of that strategy.

For example, in almost any physical therapy setting you will be given rehabilitative or “corrective” exercises, but the way you do any exercise is influenced by your preexisting movement patterns – the very movement patterns we are often trying to correct! And if you are not doing each exercise the correct way for your specific issue, you are not likely to achieve your best possible recovery. As we have discussed elsewhere, just doing an exercise with the general goal over “strengthening and stretching the area” will rarely deliver the best results, since the root problem may be that certain muscles are too strong or joints too flexible.

In other words, once your physical therapist has identified valuable exercises for your unique issue, those exercises must be done specifically according to your unique needs. You will need to learn to monitor the correct positioning and engage the correct muscles in order to achieve your best possible outcome. This is not the type of teaching and monitoring that a different therapist at each visit, without a full understanding of your unique situation, can be expected to do successfully. And certainly not a high-school or college-level aide or assistant.

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You do not need a prescription to be evaluated or treated by a licensed physical therapist in the state of Maryland. However, you may need one from your insurance company if you plan to apply for reimbursement.

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