headshot Dr. Renee Roth Powers

Dr. Renee Roth Powers is the founder and owner of Fundamental Motion®.

I have been a practicing physical therapist specializing in orthopedics and biomechanics in the Washington Metro area for 17 years . I opened Fundamental Motion™ in 2013, with the goal of providing physical therapy that is extraordinarily successful in providing a pathway for patients to return to their maximum possible physical performance, with each patient being evaluated and treated as a unique individual.

My practice includes patients of all ages, from children to seniors. I am personally invested in the progress of all patients under my care and especially enjoy the problem solving process involved in treating each individual patient.

I also apply my treatment approach to working with athletes who are experiencing pain, recovering from injury or require professional insight into improving their sport-specific performance. Being a competitive amateur athlete – with an extensive background in cycling, weight training and running – gives me unique insights into the concerns athletes face when seeking to overcome pain or improve their personal best.

My evaluation and treatment approach is based on extensive study and implementation of the Movement System Impairment (MSI) physical therapy diagnosis and treatment method, founded by world renowned physical therapist Dr. Shirley Sahrmann and her colleagues at Washington University, St. Louis Missouri. Years of training, study and professional implementation of the MSI method have given me an unusually skilled eye for identifying how and why human body mechanics go wrong and how to effectively restore ideal movement.

I received my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Montana, a Masters in Physical Therapy from the University of Maryland, and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Maryland.

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You do not need a prescription to be evaluated or treated by a licensed physical therapist in the state of Maryland. However, you may need one from your insurance company if you plan to apply for reimbursement.



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